Pertamina Energy Tower, Jakarta

SOM Construction Company has unveiled its newest project which is the tallest skyscraper in Jakarta, Indonesia and the world’s first super tall tower for which energy is the primary design driver. When completed in 2020, the Pertamina Energy Tower will rise more than 500 meters and 99 floors above Jakarta as a new landmark on the capital’s skyline. The tower will include a 2,000-seat performing arts auditorium, an exhibition pavilion, a public mosque, a central energy plant and will accommodate about 20,000 workers.

Located in Jakarta’s Rasuna Epicentrum neighborhood, the building is designed to resemble the petals of a flower. The crown reveals a wind funnel that will harness wind at the upper floors to generate energy. A central energy plant will serve as a figurative “heart” from which energy and services will be distributed and a covered walkway known as the ‘Energy Ribbon’ will knit together the constellation of campus programs and span across land bridges and gardens to create an array of accessible public spaces. Precisely calibrated for Jakarta’s proximity to the equator, the tower’s curved facade will mitigate solar heat gain throughout the year. Exterior sun shades will save energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting in the office interiors.






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