Bugis+ Shopping Mall

Bugis+ center, formerly known as Iluma, is a 10 story shopping mall which is located within the Bugis arts, Culture, Learning and entertainment district of Singapore.  The building is designed by the famous architectural company, WOHA.

The façade of the building which is composed of jewel-like fixtures that glitter in the day and glow in the night, plays with the theme of light and illumination. The building is also in conjunction with Berlin based media artists, Realities: United .The theme of the building is inspired by the surrounding neighborhood in terms of scale and texture. Along with its beautiful façade, the building’s design is also an attractive feature of the project. With a land area of 26,761.5 Square meters, the building’s design contrasts a rectilinear mass against a curved one. The colorful rectilinear block includes, bigger retail spaces, movie theaters, performance spaces, and parking lots while the curved form accommodates smaller retail spaces, restaurants and kids playground. Bugis+ shopping mall opened in 2009.








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