Cyber-Urban City in the Metaverse, by ZHA

ZHA has unveiled a virtual "libertarian micro-nation" in the Metaverse titled The Liberland Metaverse, where people can buy plots of land with cryptocurrency and enter digital buildings as an avatar. People can also buy plots of land and set up businesses in the virtual city and if they do so, they will also have a stake in the physical Liberland.






Zaha Hadid Architects designed all of the buildings in its typical style with curvaceous, sinuous forms and rounded corners. However, many of the buildings have elements not supported from the ground – something that is not possible with gravity in the real world.






Once inside the "cyber-urban crypto incubator", people can visit buildings designed by Zaha Hadid Architects including a city hall, plaza and exhibition center. The city hall, which is the city's central urban heart has a terraced walkway that wraps around the building. The virtual campus, which is surrounded by water, will be used as a "networking hub for crypto projects, crypto companies and crypto events".







ZHA wanted to ensure that with the rise of metaverse, it is architects who should be designing these sites and not graphic designers. The project comes as a response to the world's transformative and emerging notion to end stagnation and push for universal prosperity. The project has already been given a positive head start, as it has built up a following of over 600,000 citizens, and can be accessed via metaverse.







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