Alireza Taghaboni's Famous Ptojects

  • Sharifi-ha House

Sharifi-ha House with 1400 sqm area is an amazing modern house which is designed by the famous architect Alireza Taghaboni, head of the Nextoffice Architects, in Darrous, Tehran, Iran in the year of 2013.

In summertime, Sharifi-ha House offers an open /transparent /perforated volume with wide, large terraces. In contrast, during Tehran’s cold, snowy winters the volume closes down, offering minimal openings and a total absence of those wide summer terraces.

The project consisted of four major parts; the fixed volume of the structure, the void, and the fixed volume and the mobile volume, respectively. When the turning boxes are closed, the building captures sunlight throughout the space of the central void, which also connects the two fixed volumes by suspended bridges.

From the architect," our expertise in transforming a two-dimensional façade to a three-dimensional one became indispensable. Here, the openness /closure of the building’s volume is a reference to traditional Iranian houses, which would dynamically serve as seasonal modes of habitation by offering both a Zemestan-Neshin (a winter living room) and Taabestan-Neshin (a summer living room) to their residents."

  • Kouhsar Villa

The other well-known project of Alireza Taghaboni famous architect is called Kouhsar Villa which is located in Kordan, Iran and is built in 2013.

The house with 104 sqm area would rest in a wide landscape, capturing the delightful vistas of the Alborz Mountains in the background. Considering structural constraints, the design strategy followed a path by which the initial skeleton could be transformed to encompass pure cubic volume that made it distinctive in its neighborhood. Stretching the façade towards the void and columns did not merely meet the structural necessities, but also provided spatial qualities for both the interior and exterior.

It is important to mention that, the designing strategy was organized while the skeleton and barrier walls of the project’s structure were thoroughly constructed in the past.

From the architect, “our initial intention for the project was in fact to problematize the connection amongst form, space, and structure. The project came to our studio after a year of being on hold due to the client’s dissatisfaction.”


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