Tehran Stock exchange Competition 2nd prize winner / Hadi Teherani

The second prize winning proposal for the Tehran Stock Exchange competition is designed by famous architect Hadi Teherani (Hadi Teherani Office + Design Core Architects). This amazing proposal has 30000 sqm area and an elegant and simple two-part structure.

The 66-meter high building includes a Conference Center with up to 200 seats which is located on the 1st floor. Further more, large conferences with more than 300 seats can take place in the Exchange Hall level. On the 2nd floor the dependent spaces such as the central archive, classrooms and canteens are located. On the 3rd to 7th floor one can find the independent offices such as a broadcasting TV studio. Thanks to the rotating void, a spectacular space is formed that is very suitable for TV programs and therefore also has a recognition value for the TV channel. The management of the Tehran Stock Exchange is placed on 8th to 10th floors immediately near to the Exchange Hall in the upper storeys. The Exchange Hall is located right at the top on the 11th floor.

The “pixel façade” lends the building a special character.The façade changes when observed from different angles and from a specific distance the image becomes even sharper.

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