The biggest building in the world ,The New Century Global…

China has opened the world's largest building; the building is known as The New Century Global Centre and has recently opened in Chengdu, China.   

 The dimensions of this building are amazing:

  • Height: 100 meters
  • Length: 500 meters
  • Width: 400 meters

In comparison, this building is 20 times bigger than Sydney Opera House, 4 times bigger than the Vatican City, and 3 times bigger than the Pentagon.

The building’s floor area is 1.7 square kilometers which is roughly the size of the small country of Monaco. This large building includes numerous commercial sections, multiple hotels, a water park called Paradise Island and a man-made beach.

There is also other interesting attractions in this building: an Ice-skating rink, a pirate ship, a Mediterranean style village, 15,000 parking spaces and the most interesting of all, an artificial sun which illuminates the building 24/7.










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