200 Amsterdam Avenue Tower, NYC

“200 Amsterdam Avenue” is designed by Elkus Manfredi as a 21st-century interpretation of the city’s iconic pre-war towers, with interiors by Cetra Ruddy. The 668 feet tall tower is the Tallest Skyscraper on NYC’s Upper West Side. The Art Deco-inspired façade features a mix of glass and masonry, with detailing on the top, and cascading levels on one side to maximize sunlight.   

Google North Bayshore Campus, California

Danish firm BIG and London-based Heatherwick Studio plan to redevelop four sites in Mountain View (one of the principal cities of Silicon Valley) to create the Google campus – marking the first time the internet giant has designed and built an office complex from scratch. Silicon Valley has been an engine of innovation driving technological evolution and global economy. So far the majority of these vast intellectual and economical…

The Eco-Floating Hotel, Qatar

The Eco-Floating Hotel is a project whose first leg is planned to take place in Qatar but it also has the potential to be located in different areas thanks to its characteristic mobile feature. Designed, by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS), this eco-floating hotel generates its energy from rotating in the ocean. The rotation action moves slowly so as to not make guests dizzy and takes 24 hours…

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