The Cloud Town Convention and Exhibition Center, China

Typical characters of traditional exhibition centers make them hard to be utilized in any other ways, causing a huge waste of resources invisibly. Even the busiest exhibition centers merely have a usage rate of 40%, meaning that they lie idle at least 200 days a year. The usage rate of most other exhibition centers is below 10%. Therefore, in the process of designing the first stage of Cloud Town Exhibition Center in 2015, Approach Design studio came up with an atypical exhibition center design, abandoning specific models.








Two years later, in 2017, a three-time larger second-stage Cloud Town exhibition center was to be constructed opposite to the first-stage structure. Just when everyone expected an even larger ‘iconic’ building, architects designed it as a short ‘3D-Park’. “We first decided to reduce this 66,000 square meters huge building to merely 6.6 meters high, presenting a large roof covered with green space, people will not even think that it is a building,” said the architect. It presents itself as a huge low rooftop covered in lawn, giving it as low a profile as possible and attracting people to approach it.









People can easily walk to the roof through the grass slope, and the grass slope itself will also attract people to rest and stay. The roof is not only a park, but also includes a football field, watchtower, sandpit, theater, roller skating platform, community vegetable garden, mobile cabin, "jumping grid" and other kinds of interesting facilities, which are connected by a winding and undulating "air runway".








The interior of the building no longer serves solely as an exhibition hall. Through the integration of space and functions, architects confer upon it a new property – ‘Sports-Warehouse’. In absence of a conference, the exhibition hall can be immediately transformed into facilities for a series of sports such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, fitness training and etc.,








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