Shenzhen Airport East Integrated Transport Hub, China

Grimshaw Architectural Firm was selected as the winner of an international competition to design the Shenzhen Airport East Integrated Transport Hub. The winning design will provide travelers effortless transfers between high speed rail and other public transportation means in a new green and interactive way. The project is expected to achieve LEED Platinum and Chinese 3 Star ratings due to the design's highly economic solution that uses materials and components efficiently.





Grimshaw's design, characterized by sweeping columns and an undulating roofscape, was modeled on mangrove. Not only does this have symbolic value as an important tree to Shenzhen, but it has led architects to a solution for the building that is highly efficient. According to the studio, it is also an attempt to replicate the highly efficient, natural forms of the tree species, which it describes as "one of the planet's most effective carbon absorbers".





Inside, visitors to Shenzhen Airport East Integrated Transport Hub will be guided through arrival and departure spaces that are naturally lit and filled with sweeping columns that evoke tree roots. The natural form of the tree’s diverse root eco-system inspired the journey passengers will take, both above and below ground, while its bio-diversity will be in harmony with the hub’s exciting mix of uses.




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