Shenzhen Natural History Museum, China

3XN, B+H and Zhubo Design were recently awarded first place in an international design competition for the new Shenzhen Natural History Museum. The new 100,000m2 facility will be a world-class natural science museum dedicated to interpreting the laws of natural evolution, showing the geographies of Shenzhen and its ecology in a global perspective, and actively advocating science.




The winning design scheme, entitled “Delta”, rises seamlessly from the river delta, inviting visitors and residents to journey along its accessible green rooftop. A public park extends throughout the roof and highlights the Natural History Museum’s organic geometries. Like a river stream finding its shape in balance with the earth, every turn frames a new spectacular view over the surrounding environment.




The 42,000-square meter museum will contain a series of galleries dedicated to natural history and the ecology of Shenzhen and its surrounding region. These spaces will be accessed from a large entrance lobby at the center of the building that the studios describe as cave-like. When complete, Shenzhen Natural History Museum will be the first large-scale museum dedicated to natural history in southern China.




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