DUO Twin Tower, Singapore

Designed by Ole Scheeren, the DUO twin towers are an act of urban reconciliation. DUO integrates the surrounding context with its diverse mix of functions around a 24-hour accessible public plaza to form a new civic nexus for the dynamic, prosperous life of Singapore. DUO integrates living, working and retail with public gardens, cultural installations, and a diverse urban context.







The two towers contain the project’s main functional elements: one tower accommodates 660 residences, while the other contains corporate offices and a five-star hotel. In 2021, DUO won the prestigious CTBUH Urban Habitat Award for the Single Site Scale category.







The project is comprised of two expressive sculptural towers that have been dynamically carved to create a series of circular urban spaces including open-air gardens, walkways, cafés, and restaurants. Towers’ curved facades ripple with the delicate texture of a honeycomb shading system. The honeycomb comprises a series of hexagonal sunshades that help protect the towers from the heat and glare of the sun, without interrupting the views out over Singapore’s gardens, oceans and skyline. 











The plaza, which is open 24 hours a day, comprises a series of gardens and landscaped leisure zones which are linked to the rest of the city through multiple connections above and below ground. Vehicles reach the towers by a series of dedicated ramps, allowing the plaza to serve as a fully pedestrianized space. Multiple levels of vertical connectivity give access to large elevated terraces for the hotel and residents, a public observation deck, and a sky restaurant atop the office/hotel tower.












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