Flare of Frankfurt Mixed-Use Complex, Germany

The Flare of Frankfurt is a seven-story, mixed-use project of hotel rooms, residences, and offices located in the center of the Frankfurt city, Germany. This 260,000-square-foot project is designed by German-Iranian architect, Hadi Teherani.





From the outset, the design concept for Flare of Frankfurt had to strike a fine balance between a robust, durable structure and visual appeal. Importantly it also had to relate and respond to the surrounding buildings, yet be individual enough to stand out from the crowd.





The architect eventually decided on an angular, three-dimensional design for the façade panels. This would give the building singular points of visual interest, but also complement the area around it. The facades are covered with approximately 6,000 m² of Neolith sintered-stone slabs, which were selected for their lightweight and waterproof construction, resistance to staining and pollution, and ability to be shaped three-dimensionally. 





The installation in Frankfurt is particularly interesting since it takes the flat panels and sculpts them into 3d installations. Hadi Teherani's utilization of the prefabricated facade elements and alternating of them across the residential and hotel facades result in a richly sculpted streetscape and a strong presence in the area regardless of the complex's relatively diminutive size.






The Flare of Frankfurt has been completed in 2018. The multi-purpose building is the winner of ICONIC Award 2019 in “Innovative Architecture” category.










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