Masaryčka Building (Renew), Prague

Masaryčka facades are now completed. The architecture is defined by circulation routes that expand throughout the site, providing access to new civic spaces within the city's major transport hub. Accommodating the continued growth of the city’s corporate sector with office spaces designed to meet 21st-century working patterns, the 28,000 sq. m Masaryčka office and retail development incorporate seven stories within its eastern section and nine stories at its western end.







Located one kilometer east of the city center’s Staroměstské Square, Masaryčka’s design establishes a dialogue with the architecture and urbanism of Prague’s Old Town – known as ‘the golden city of 100 spires’. External fins within Masaryčka’s façade contribute to solar shading in the summer and transform the project’s horizontal composition to the verticality of its western façade facing the spires of the Old Town.







Targeting LEED Platinum certification, Masaryčka incorporates a double-insulated façade that ensures optimal natural light in all work areas and communal spaces. Communal roof gardens offer panoramic views across the city. The building’s smart management systems continually monitor and adjust environmental controls to reduce energy consumption.








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