Green Spine (Beulah Southbank), Australia

UNStudio and Cox Architecture have officially been announced as the winners of Melbourne’s landmark Southbank Precinct overhaul. UNStudio's vision for the $2 billion project includes a pair of twisted towers. The project is integrally organized by one Big Detail: a ‘Green Spine’ of vertically networked platforms, terraces and verandas. Situated on a 6,000-square-metre site, the taller tower will be entirely residential and reach a height of 356.2 meters, with a "publicly accessible" garden at the top whilst the other will double as a hotel and commercial space, 252.2 meters high.





The Green Spine, as the key organizational element of the building, is designed to generate public flows and movement and offer multiple benefits throughout the design. The multi-level nature of the design opens up a series of new opportunities to showcase important cultural moments and events in the city by providing a platform for cultural activities of all kinds. The Green Spine also creates a healthy urban environment. The planting absorbs noise and air pollution while tall eucalyptus trees facilitate light. Floors textured with forest ferns provide a cool atmosphere even on hot summer days.




The design proposal for Southbank by Beulah was motivated by the concepts of togetherness joint ownership and open access for local residents and the wider community. To this end, the podium and its public rooftop park are reserved for public use. Within the podium, a marketplace, retail and entertainment spaces, and a BMW experience center are housed. In addition to being fully integrated within the existing Melbourne network of cultural, entertainment, leisure and commercial venues on offer, with its variety of programs and connectivities, the design further proposes a mixed-use building that is a city in itself.






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