Unicorn Island by Zaha Hadid Architects

China is now home to a third of the world’s technology start-ups valued at over a billion US dollars - termed ‘unicorn companies’. The Tianfu New Area is being developed as an ecologically sustainable civic, business and residential centre for China’s technology and research sectors. The 67-hectare Unicorn Island masterplan within the Tianfu New Area will foster the continued growth of China’s digital economy, creating living and working environments for Chinese and international companies.





Start-Up exhibition and conference centre will be the first building to reach completion in the Unicorn Island masterplan, which Zaha Hadid Architects is developing. A mixed-use masterplan for 70,000 researchers, office staff, residents and visitors, Unicorn Island has been designed to enhance the wellbeing of its community; its design influenced by principles within the region’s historical natural engineering projects.





When the masterplan reaches completion, it will form part of a series of visually similar buildings arranged in "clusters" around a central plaza and metro station. The height and composition of each cluster will be established organically over the lifetime of the development; directly responding to varying requirements of function, program and efficiency to cultivate a diversity of interconnected buildings at a human scale that establish a sense of community. Unicorn Island will incorporate natural water management systems and include innovations in urban farming technologies to provide residents, workers and visitors with fresh, locally-grown produce.








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