O-Tower (Infinity Loop Skyscraper), China

BIG Studio has designed the O-Tower for the new OPPO R&D Headquarters (China’s largest smartphone company) in Hangzhou. The design combines aesthetics and innovative technology in a building that will be an environmental, economical, and socially sustainable hub for innovation. Described by BIG as being infinity-loop shaped, the skyscraper was designed to "connect ground to sky in a continuous loop of collaboration". The tower, with an area of 161330 m2, sits between a natural lake, an urban center, and a 10,000 square-meter park.






The studio optimized the company's dynamic workspaces by creating a cylindrical building with compact yet flexible floor plans. To maximize the solar exposure and provide panoramic views of the city, the southern edge of the building was pushed downwards. This unique geometry allowed it to become self-shaded, reducing energy consumption and maximizing natural daylight. It will be wrapped in an adaptive facade with louvres that will be oriented dependent on the sun's position. These louvres reduce solar gain by up to 52%, and provide significant savings for cooling loads.






The first three floors will be dedicated to the public, with an exhibition space, conference centers, and a canteen. The middle floors will be for R&D departments and special projects. And as for the upper floors, an OPPO canteen, as well as executive and VIP lounges, will be situated. The publicly accessible courtyard at the heart of the tower will become an urban attraction for the city, blurring the boundaries between public and private architecture.











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