Coral Bloom of Shurayrah Island, Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has revealed visuals for its new resort concept on Saudi Arabia's Shurayrah Island. Shurayrah will be one of only 22 islands selected for The Red Sea Project. Dubbed as Coral Bloom, the new resort development, designed by Foster + Partners, will be blended in the island’s pristine natural environment. TRSDC expects to welcome the first guests for the Coral Bloom resort by the end of 2022, alongside an international airport, designed by Foster + Partners.





Biodiversity considerations take center stage, with the plan designed to avoid disruption of the island’s mangroves and other habitats. New habitats are created through landscaping to enhance the island’s natural state. The design sees new beaches created on the dolphin-shaped island along with a new lagoon. Importantly, the changes aim to preserve or enhance what already exists on the island, without damaging any habitats or natural shores.





The Coral Bloom project will comprise 11 hotels and private villas on Shurayrah, which will be operated by some of the most distinguished hotel brands in the world. The complex doesn't include any high-rise building to ensure the spectacular vistas remain uninhibited. The hotel designs have also been designed in response to a growing demand for space and seclusion following the coronavirus pandemic. 





The resorts themselves will be created using lightweight materials with a low thermal mass and manufactured offsite, meaning more energy efficient construction and less impact on the environment. The entire destination will be powered by renewables, underpinned by the largest battery storage system in the world. 






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