Summit One Vanderbilt, NY

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is New York’s latest observation viewpoint, soon opening to the public on top of One Vanderbilt Tower. Featuring an observation deck, skyboxes, an all-glass elevator, complemented by a walk-through art installation, the entertainment space designed by Snøhetta provides visitors with a multisensory experience. The 6000 square meters space, unfolding over four levels near the pinnacle of One Vanderbilt Tower, will be accessible to the public starting October 21st.









The SUMMIT provides visitors with various options for experience New York from an impressive height. Several sky boxes dubbed Levitation protrude from the envelope of the building, allowing users to step on a glass floor 324 meters above street level. An all-glass elevator takes viewers from the terrace level to the side of the building at 364 meters, making the spot “the highest viewpoint in midtown Manhattan”.  








Inside is a walk-through art experience designed by Kenzo Digital and titled Air. Mixing sound, lighting and production design, the project creates a complex environment of mirrors and juxtapositions of elements, giving the impression of limitless space. The new attraction also features a lounge and a café, together with a terrace opening up on One Vanderbilt's south and west sides.







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