Fulton Center, New York

Designed by Grimshaw Studio, the building draw inspiration from the historic neighborhood’s cast-iron buildings and complement the integration and restoration of the adjacent Corbin Building. The extensive complex offers improved accessibility to New York City’s storied mass transit system. The Fulton Center is organized around a large-scale atrium contained within an elegant, transparent façade.





The Fulton Center fulfills a significant civic role as a gateway to and from Lower Manhattan. Commuters and visitors alike arrive and depart through a memorable, contemporary urban transit center that celebrates the city’s history while looking forward to its optimistic future. The transit hub’s atrium rises 34 m and is topped by a conical dome centered on the concourse below.






The central architectural concept of redirecting natural light deep into the transit environment culminates in the design of the dome’s interior and a new integrated artwork titled Sky Reflector-Net. Suspended above the atrium, Sky Reflector-Net is composed of 112 tensioned cables, 224 high-strength rods and nearly 10,000 stainless steel components.










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