Dun Shaped BEEAH Headquarters, UAE

BEEAH Group's new headquarters in Sharjah, UAE, was opened on March 30. Designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, the Beeah Headquarters takes the form of a series "of interconnecting dunes" that echo its Al Sajaa desert surroundings. The form of the complex is also designed and orientated to withstand extreme weather conditions experienced on the site.





According to Zaha Hadid Architects, this 9,000-square-metre building has a focus on sustainability to reflect the company's work. It is powered by a solar array and meets LEED Platinum standards, setting "a new benchmark for future workplaces". Glazing is minimized across the office to prevent exposure to the harsh desert sun, while glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels across the exterior help to regulate internal temperatures. 






Inside, the building is divided into two wings. One houses the Beeah Group's public and management departments while the other contains the administrative zone. The headquarters also features a visitor’s center, auditorium and smart meeting rooms designed to facilitate collaboration with remote and office workers. All internal spaces are positioned to ensure ample natural light and outward views without requiring expanses of glass.











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