Dongdaemun Desin Park (DDP)

In the centre of the busy and historic neighbourhood of central Seoul's Jongno-gu district renowned for its 24-hour shopping, the $451 million Dongdaemun Desin Park (DDP) project opened to the public on 21 March 2014.

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects as the new hub of art, design and technology, DDP ensures that architecture and urban landscape, interior and exterior, blend seamlessly. Covering a staggering 86,574 sqm, the project includes Exhibition Halls, Convention Halls, Design Museum, Library, Lab and Archives, Children's Education Centre, Media Centre, Seminar Rooms and Sky Lounge.

“DDP is the first public building in South Korea to implement 3-dimentional building information modelling known as BIM.” Explains Hooman Talebi key designer of the project. The former Lead Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects who for nearly a decade worked on a series of iconic buildings such as DDP, Milad Phase 02 and American University of Beirut; believes that by adopting this advanced three-dimensional digital construction service architects, engineers, contractors and owners can easily create coordinated digital design information and documentation; use that information to accurately visualize, simulate, and analyse performance, appearance and cost; and reliably deliver the project faster, more economically and with reduced environmental impact. 

Hooman Talebi is co-founder and Director of Name Architects in Tehran.





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