10 Iran's Biggest Shopping Centers

  • Atlas Mall, Tehran

Atlas Mall with infrastructure of approximately 140000 sqm is constructed on a land with over 11000 sqm in 19 floors. The complex is located on a great spot in Tehran’s Niavaran region. This amazing Shopping Center includes, 44429 sqm Parking spaces in 6 floors, 21935 commercial spaces and hyper markets in 4 floors, 4878 sqm food court, amusement and restaurant and 26418 sqm office spaces in 9 floors. Utilizing of the world’s best materials in the manufacturing process of this complex is its most important feature.

  • Isfahan City Center 

Isfahan city center is a mixed -use complex that will be accomplished on a 150.000 sqm land, offering a modern shopping mall (13,000 m2) with 750 commercial units, an 34,000 m2 covered International 5-star hotel with all the facilities of a 7-star hotel, Cinema complex, Amusement park, Nation's restaurants, commercial complex, International Financial Exchange center, Office tower, International Exhibition center and Hotel apartment.

  • Laleh Park Shopping Center, Tabriz

​Laleh Park shopping Center is constructed in an area of 26500 mand a total built area of 91550 m2.  An entertainment center and a five star rating hotel are attached to the shopping center. The trade center of the Laleh Park includes a collection of various goods and brands of clothing, shoes and bags, jewelry, sporting goods, home appliances, video and audio appliances, restaurants and coffee shops, bank and other services. The Laleh Park Complex offers 126 shops, hyper market in an area of 5300 m2, kids play ground with an area of 1400 m2, 23 restaurants and fast-food bars .It also has outdoors and indoors parking lots with a capacity of 1200 cars. It also has special room for kids’ services and feeding babies, 12 escalators, four electric ramps and first aid rooms in each floor.  

  • Narenjestan Commercial Complex​, Izad Shahr

Narenjestan 2 commercial, cultural and sports complex is under construction with the most modern and best equipped facilities in Mazandaran Province, Izad Shahr region. This perfect complex was designed by the famous architect, Hossein Raheminejad. Narenjestan 2 is designed in 7 zones, plus a parking zone. The first three zones (zones C, B, A) include basement floors (5500 square meters) , ground floor (4600 square meters) and first and second floors with a unit area of ​​about 6500 square meters.

One of the distinct features of this project is the bridge located on top of zone A’s main entrance. G, F, E and D blocks are designed in 5, 8, 9, and 7 floors and infrastructures of 8600, 12600, 19300.

  • ​Persian Gulf Commercial Complex, Shiraz

Persian Gulf is a great commercial complex which is built in Shiraz, Iran. This big complex with approximately 450,000 sqm of commercial Floor Area includes more than 2,500 business units with amenities. Persian Gulf also includes a hypermarket with an area of 12,000 sqm, amusement park with an area of ​​28800 sqm including bowling, billiards and modern toys and hobbies, outdoor amusement area of ​​37,000 sqm  equipped with the most modern facilities with international standards such as ROLLER CASTER, GRAVITY and SKYFLYER, praying room, emergency room, restaurant and coffee shop. According to the latest methods of streaming audio (Dolby Digital), it includes 6 modern cinema room with 150 seats with an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters and a 150-seat theater (4D Theatre).

  • Tehran Mall

Tehran Mall Amusement- commercial complex is constructed with direct investment by Malaysia Kingdom Holding Company and by Partnership of constructors of Star trades in the 22th region of Tehran, Iran. This mall is constructed on an earth with 23000 m2 area and infrastructure of 150000 m2 in 7 floors. Tehran mall will offer, Strati-form covered parking capable of 3000 cars, 13000 m2 Hyper star store under license of international hyper star, 500 trade units with presence of great Iranian and International brands, 2 improved cinema saloons with the best facilities, 2 advanced three-dimensional theater, 20 restaurant and fast food units with presence of Iranian and International brands and 7000 m2 covered roof with the newest and the most improved gaming machines.

  • Borujerd Commercial Complex

Borujerd commercial complex is a great shopping center which is designed by Hossein Raheminejad. This complex with 71810 square meters land area, infrastructure of 18900 Square meters and 4 floors (2 above ground and 1 under), includes 210 commercial units (from 11 to 1000 Square meters) and 283 parking spaces. This building is under construction in the city of Borujerd, Iran.

  • Mashhad Mall

Mashhad Mall Complex with 8 Hectare land area is designed by the Canadian Consulting company and is continuously under construction. This complex consisting of shopping mall, hyper market, five-star hotel, office complex, with over 5,000 parking spaces, and total built-up area of 600,000 m² is located in one of the best spots of the city of Mashhad. A variety of facilities has been anticipated in Mashhad Mall Complex such as movie theaters, central indoor areas, game zone, restaurants, SPA, luxury cars exhibition, and other high level functions. In general, the facilities of this project are of high class nature; for instance, the average area of each car park is 48m².

  • Amirkabir Commercial Complex, Arak

Amirkabir commercial complex is a big shopping center which is designed by Hossein Raheminejad. This complex with 33000 square meters land area, infrastructure of 27000 Square meters and 2 floors includes 300 commercial units (from 30 to 1300 Square meters) and 717 parking spaces. This building is under construction in the city of Arak.













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