Chaoyang Park Plaza

Chaoyang Park Plaza is a unique mixed-use complex (office, commercial, residential) under construction in Beijing, China. The project with a site area of 30,763 sqm, building area of 128,177 sqm above the ground and 94,832 sqm under the ground and 120m height is designed by MAD Architects. “This project transforms the traditional model of buildings in a modern city’s central business district,” explains MAD.

 A 17 meter-tall courtyard lobby connects the paired towers, envisioned as a valley. Flowing water moves through the volume, while at the summit, public gardens offer a different perspective of the lower plain created by the shorter buildings on the site. Four smaller stone-shaped offices are arranged below, with two further residential structures in the southwest area of the plot. The spatial organization provides occupants with the feeling of moving through a mountain forest.

The construction of the project is expected to be completed in 2016.


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