Vertical Garden (Bosco Verticale), Milan, Italy

The Bosco Verticale is a complex constructed in Milan, Italy which is designed by Boeri Studio and consist of two residential towers with the height of 112 and 80 meters (27 and 18 floors) and a total area of is 30,501 square meters.

The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) has been selected by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) as the Best Tall Building Worldwide 2015.

The façade uses vegetation screens instead of traditional cladding, “creating a distinct microclimate.” Overall, 480 large trees, 250 small trees, 11,000 groundcover plants, and 5,000 shrubs occupy the building that aids in produces humidity, absorbs CO2 and dust particles and produces oxygen.

At roof level, photovoltaic panels contribute to the self-sufficiency of the complex, while greywater from the building is filtered and reused to irrigate the site’s extensive flora.

Additionally, as part of the area’s regeneration, main roads and parking facilities have been placed underground, making room for a 160,000 square meter pedestrianized cycling area that incorporates greenery, public squares and bridges.

The construction of the towers began in late 2009 and completed in 2014.

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