Al Noor Tower

Al Noor tower is a mixed-use complex which is under construction in Morocco, Casablanca. The tower is designed by French Valode & Pistre Architects. Al Noor is going to be the tallest tower in Africa, more than doubling the height of Johannesburg’s 223-meter Carlton Center, which has been the continent’s tallest building since 1973. The Al Noor Tower (Tower of Light) will rise 540-meters to remind us that Africa has 54 countries, on a 25-hectare site.

The towers program provides accommodations with a 200-suite luxury hotel, Luxury SPA with 2'000 m2 area which offers all the latest technologies and medical discoveries, Luxury Shopping area, Luxury Offices, Restaurants & Coffee Shops, a trading platform, conference hall and large art gallery, as well as an astonishing 100-meter-tall atrium (image below) that hollows the tower’s base.

Al Noor Tower’s facade is designed as a pixilated representation of Africa’s 1000 languages, while its 114-floors reflect the amount of chapters found in the Quran.  The design of Al Noor Tower is elegant and gives the feeling of a wedding dress.

The construction has started on June 2015 and it is expected to be completed in 2018. 

For more, watch the video on the link below:



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