The Torre Reforma

The Torre Reforma is an office skyscraper in Mexico City with a height of 246m and 57 stories; in 2016, it became the tallest skyscraper in Mexico City.

The complex hosts a restaurant, a shopping mall, entertainment areas and DOOM International's Reforma Gym. The solid concrete structural and architectural facades are influenced by Pre-Hispanic and colonial Mexican architecture where solid materials (concrete or stone) are predominant. The glass façade turns 45 degrees to face the best views of the city as well as slopes 14 meters over the historical house.

Torre Reforma, has won the prize for the world’s most innovative high rise awarded by the Deutsches Architektur Museum (DAM) in 2018. The International Highrise Award is presented every two years to the project that best exemplifies the criteria of future-oriented design, functionality, and innovative building technology, integration into urban development schemes, sustainability, and cost effectiveness.



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