Second Home Hollywood, LA

Second Home, the co-working business for entrepreneurs and innovators, has opened its first U.S. location in Los Angeles. ‘Second Home Hollywood’, also known as ‘HolLA’, is designed by SelgasCano. The architects transformed a former Hollywood parking-lot into a sprawling co-working complex which is surrounded by a garden. Second Home Hollywood has replaced 90,800 square feet of hardscape for 70,000 square feet of landscape. What previously was a parking lot…

The Cloud Town Convention and Exhibition Center, China

Typical characters of traditional exhibition centers make them hard to be utilized in any other ways, causing a huge waste of resources invisibly. Even the busiest exhibition centers merely have a usage rate of 40%, meaning that they lie idle at least 200 days a year. The usage rate of most other exhibition centers is below 10%. Therefore, in the process of designing the first stage of Cloud Town…

200 Amsterdam Avenue Tower, NYC

“200 Amsterdam Avenue” is designed by Elkus Manfredi as a 21st-century interpretation of the city’s iconic pre-war towers, with interiors by Cetra Ruddy. The 668 feet tall tower is the Tallest Skyscraper on NYC’s Upper West Side. The Art Deco-inspired façade features a mix of glass and masonry, with detailing on the top, and cascading levels on one side to maximize sunlight.   

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