Chengdu Natural History Museum, China

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects was chosen as the winner of an international competition for the Chengdu Natural History Museum. The site is located in Chengdu, a historical and culturally rich city in China. With a form inspired by the geological impact of shifting tectonic plates, and reflecting pools inspired by ancient irrigation systems, the scheme makes heavy reference to the surrounding natural landscape.







Completed in 2022, the 50,000-square-metre museum is part of a developing "entrepreneurial hub" in Chengdu, combining public spaces, shops and a cafe with galleries, a cinema and educational facilities. The central atrium is a tall and generous space filled with natural light. The atrium will be the vibrant heart of the building, crossed by sky bridges and connecting to exhibits and public amenity spaces such as the café and gift shop.








Educational spaces have been located on the ground floor and at lower levels for easy access to public transportation and site amenities. Parking will be accommodated below-grade, along with direct access to and from an adjacent subway station. The landscaping will provide outdoor spaces for cultural performance and interactive experiences. 








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