Olympia 66 Dalian, China

Olympia 66 is a statement of innovative design as a landmark in the city of Dalian, China. This 7-storey shopping mall grasps the fine balance between complex form and function, and provides the largest shopping and leisure complex in Dalian. The 63,400-square- meter site is adjacent to the Olympia Square. The complex has won numerous awards including Global RLI Awards 2018, A' Design Awards 2016-2017, IDA International Design Awards 2016, MIPIM Asia Awards 2017, etc. The project is precertified with a LEED Gold rating.







The vision of Olympia 66 is to create a contemporary statement with an oriental overtone. The design concept was inspired by the twin carp (a symbol of wealth and abundance in Chinese culture) and the internal curving arcs resemble the swimming carp. The main façade is composed of hexagonal modules recapturing the reflective scales of a carp. The shells on the roof are layered to create clear storey glazing, allowing direct daylight and reflected light into the two atria.







The enormous floor area is divided into open event spaces and retail areas with a central spine that runs through the center of the mall linking two large atria on each side and diagonally linking the corner entrances. Leisure activities and event spaces are sequenced along with the retail route providing opportunities for visitors to rest at a cafe or take in an exhibition.









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