The Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, China

The Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, located in Nanjing, China, is a city-scale urban project designed by "MAD Architects", led by Ma Yansong. The mixed-use development has an overall building area of approximately 560,000 sqm, comprised of commercial, hotel, office, and residential programs. the high-rise structures (with a height of 120 m), located at the edge of the site, are characterized by vertical shading fins and permeable glass screens composed…

Harbin Opera House, China

The Harbin Opera House, located in the city of Harbin in north of China, is the winner of ArchDaily's Building of the Year Awards in 2016. The building complex, designed by MAD Architects as “Cultural Centre of the Future”, is inspired by the frozen wilderness of its surrounds and is saturated in local identity, culture, and art. The design team worked with the motto of ‘lighting the rhythm of…

The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre, China

The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre located in China, occupies a site area of 5.2 hectares with a construction floor space of 465,000 square metres.

The taller of the two towers is 315 metres/68 floors high and contains office floors and the Jumeirah Hotel. The shorter tower is 255 metres/59 foors in height and houses a further 4-star hotel.

The two towers share a five-level, mixed-use podium that houses the Cultural Centre.…

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